• Archived Events/ Spring 2012

    Fleur Darkin Dance Company

    Fleur Darkin Dance Co, DisGo


    THU 19th April
    Full £10, Conc £6

    …”It’s as if we’ve been transported to some nocturnal ritual in ancient Sparta… curiously alluring, intriguing and weirdly enjoyable…” Luke Jennings, The Times.

    DisGo’s territory is minds, organs, nervous systems. Join the international company of incredible dancers on an intimate journey into the night…

    Touring now for its fourth season, the show is back due to audience demand. Fleur Darkin Company invite you to come and play. Surrender to the sound and dance sensation of DISGO.

    DISGO is intimate, not intimidating. DISGO creates new and closer proximities between performer and audience. DISGO is a different experience for everyone. The centre of DISGO is within the individual experiencing it “One of the more overtly theatrical of the new wave British choreographers” (The Times), Fleur Darkin merges her company of powerful dancers with the audience to create a riot of choreography. Experience a unique intimacy with the performers as they dance this raw and powerful new work.

    Set in a stunning immersive light design by Sam Collins and with a soundscore including Plastikman, Fourtet and Mortitz Von Oswald… why don’t you put your hands up for Berlin… Detroit… Chichester?

    Photo Credit: The Company
  • Archived Events/ Spring 2012

    Edge Dance

    Edge 2012


    THU 3rd MAY
    Full £10, Conc £6

    Edge: The postgraduate performance company of London Contemporary Dance School
    EDge features a new generation of the most promising contemporary dancers performing commissions by exciting young choreographers. Led by Artistic Director Jeanne Yasko, EDge’s 2012 tour showcases performances by a strong and diverse ensemble of 12 dancers.

    The programme features new full length works by internationally acclaimed artists Matthias Sperling (Canada/UK) and James Wilton (UK) alongside other works including Alston Takes Cover, a joint commission by The Place and Dance Umbrella. Alston Takes Cover includes three choreographers’ personal takes on Richard Alston’s iconic Wildlife, created by Tony Adigun (Avant Garde Dance), Rachel Lopez de la Nieta (Dog Kennel Hill Project) and Moreno Solinas/Igor Urzelai (BLOOM!). This unique programme is filled with high-level energy and technical excellence that pushes the performers to their limits and leaves you on the edge of your seat.

    “fresh and exciting to watch”

    Dance Expression

    Photo Credit: Hugo Glendinning
  • Archived Events/ Spring 2012

    Pattern Fight

    Pattern Fight, Conference of the Strange

    Conference of the Strange

    THU 26th April
    Full £4, Conc £3

    In this psychedelic fusion of live art, Hand drawn animation and stand-up comedy. Sarah Ruff poses the question to the Audience: What is a Human? This strange conference is an attempt to explicitly deconstruct, Explore and celebrate the weirdness of human behaviour, reproduction and existence within the technologically driven modern world.

    The aesthetic of the work is integral to the performance with powerful visual imagery and complex interaction between body and projected animation. There is a consistent interplay between real body and the technological presence, to the point that the female body almost becomes or fails to become a robot. The piece embodies the aesthetic of somewhere between a conference and a dream.

    “Original and truly hilarious” Threeweeks magazine 2011 *****
    Photo credit: Ed Currie
  • Archived Events/ Spring 2012

    Action Hero

    Action Hero Frontman


    THU 8th MAR
    Full £10, Conc £6

    Poised on the edge of catastrophe, Frontman is a furiously loud, raucous reproduction of the all the best gigs you never saw. With borrowed ramblings from iconic frontmen, the ghost of Elvis/Dolly/Kurt/Iggy is channeled by a girl in sequins, whilst a techie in rabbit ears refuses to watch the show. She turns up the volume and humps the speakers, and tells the crowd she loves them.

    Backed by an analogue synth and a tambourine, the performance is a defiant, brazen, half-cut version of a faded comeback gig, complete with dry-ice, lip syncs and extreme noise (earplugs provided…)

    Balancing between euphoria and a car crash, Frontman uses DIY analogue sound and is part-gig, part-perfomance for a standing
    audience who like it loud.

    Frontman is the third piece in an unintentional trilogy of work, following A Western and Watch Me Fall, about icons and the iconography of masculinity.

    Frontman was co-commissioned by Fierce festival 2011 and Inbetween Time Productions. It’s development was supported by Forest Fringe and Residence. It’s national tour was supported by Arts Council England. Sound support by Alex Bradley.

    “A beautiful poignant and comic performance”

    Don’t Panic magazine

    Photo credit: Briony Campbell
  • Archived Events/ Spring 2012

    Double Bill: Louie Jenkins – Time Piece & Carrie Whitaker – Wait

    Time Piece by Louie Jenkins and Wait by Carrie Whitaker

    THU 1st MAR

    Time Piece – Louie Jenkins

    Donations are welcome in aid of the Rebecca Skelton Fund
    Through a series of snapshots exploring embodied memory, moments twisted by time, this autobiographical performance jumps between a Yorkshire childhood, a chance meeting between Virginia Woolf and a cobbler, and a crumbling lighthouse. Thanatos (Death) and Eros (Love) share the same stage, but then, you know that, don’t you.
    Louie lectures at the University of Chichester and is studying for a Practice As Research PhD at Brunel University. Her research Articulating the scripted body, autobiography, performance, death has produced three performances Time Piece is the third in the series.

    Photo credit: Thomas McKay-Smith

    Wait – Carrie Whitaker

    Arriving and then waiting, How long? Do something, fill time with thought that may escape into physicality. Ready and waiting, and waiting.

    Wait is the beginnings of Lila Dance’s creative research exploring Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot. This scratch performance is a collection of images, aural and physical ideas that will be explored in depth in a six week creative process in May and June 2012. This process is supported by Arts Council England, The Point, The University of Chichester and Pavilion Dance.