• Archived Events/ Autumn 2012

    Unlimited Theatre

    The Ethics of Progress

    Thursday 11th October, 7.30pm
    Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5 | Age 14+

    Written by Jon Spooner, Chris Thorpe and Clare Duffy in consultation with Professor Vlatko Vedral.

    The Ethics of Progress is a mind melting, jargon free, whistle stop tour of leading edge Quantum Physics, delivered with warmth, wit and charm by Unlimited Theatre’s Artistic Director Jon Spooner.

    By explaining in straightforward terms the concepts of Superposition, Quantum Entanglement and Teleportation, The Ethics of Progress pushes theoretical physics into real life situations and imagines the world as it might be in the not-too-distant future.

    “I went into this show with a heavy heart thinking the subject would be over my head. I came out wanting to change the world. Brilliant.”
    The Guardian

    “Mind blowing stuff … a clarion call to engage with astounding developments on which scientists are now working”

    A co-production with Oxford Playhouse and Leeds Met Studio


  • Archived Events/ Autumn 2012

    James Wilton

    Triple Bill

    Thursday 18th October, 7.30pm
    Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5 | Age 16+

    Cave, a quartet, pushes the performers to their extremes physically, with daring floor work, and mentally with its complex and lightning quick martial arts influenced partner work. The work is set to a progressive rock soundtrack by Isis and Noxshi.

    Falling Unknown an intimate duet exploring attraction and sacrifice where the female dancers feet never touch the floor in cycles, a solo created as part of the BBC Performing Arts Fellowship in partnership with Swindon Dance. The lone female dancer rolls, dives and twists around the space accompanied by the music of German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten.

    “Award winning choreographer James Wilton presents a triple bill of high energy and super physical contemporary dance. Drawing influence from martial arts, break dancing and capoeira the explosively athletic works will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately for James Wilton’s quintet of dancethletes, dance is not an Olympic event as they would definitely be gold medallists”
    Celia Moran, Resolution!


  • Archived Events/ Autumn 2012

    Ira Brand

    Keine Angst

    Thursday 25th October, 7.30pm
    Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5 | Age 16+

    “Sometimes when I’m driving, I shut my eyes. Just to see what that is like. And sometimes, I take my hands off the steering wheel. I put one hand around the handbrake and the other on the base of my seat, and then I hold them there for just a little longer than is safe.” Ira Brand

    Keine Angst is an exploration of fear as one of the most fundamental of human emotions, a primal survival mechanism, and the hardest thing to defy. It is a piece about what it feels like and what it means to be afraid, about sensible fears and illogical anxieties. About what fear smells like, about fear as galvanising and as debilitating, about whether it is ever really good to be scared and, most importantly, about how to be brave.

    “This is an evocative show that makes its audience pause and think about what scares them. Brand’s curiosity is infectious, and the rhythms of the production, its juxtaposition of the fantastical with the real, makes it easy to relate to. As a whole it makes for a beautiful portrait of human consciousness.”
    4 Stars, Exeunt Magazine


  • Archived Events/ Autumn 2012

    Inter(ACT) Showcase

    The ShowRoom Chichester

    Saturday 27th April 2013.

    Inter(act) is a showcase of contemporary Theatre and Performance, made up of selected under-graduate work from students at the University of Chichester.

    Inter(act) is an opportunity for students from Sixth Form and Colleges as well as arts industry professionals to come and see the diverse work created on the theatre & performing arts programme.

    The Inter(act) Showcase will take place on Saturday 27th April 2013.

  • Archived Events/ Autumn 2012

    Made In China

    We Hope You Are Happy
    (Why Would We Lie)

    Thursday 29th November, 7.30pm
    Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5 | Age 16+

    Presented by BAC Take Out

    Jess is stuck. Her lifelong friend, Chris, can’t help. The others are out getting wasted. And the world is falling apart. Luckily Jess and Chris have a cooler full of beer, a goofy rapport, a series of dance moves – and a sincere desire to make you, the audience, happy. Or so they claim.

    They also claim that each other are liars. That they only met last year. And that they are eyewitnesses to the key world events of the last hundred years.

    A flat-out, unhinged and very normal performance about trying to connect: to the person next to you and to the unknown victim of a televised tragedy.

    We Hope That You’re Happy (Why Would We Lie?) is a hilarious and unsettling examination of what it means to be a tuned-in, delusional and unwitting consumer in a hyper-communicative world.

    “A very carefully written and effectively realised piece of theatre, words, physical actions and visual images all balanced beautifully”
    Total Theatre Magazine