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    Theatre Spring 2010

    Yara El-Sherbini

    Universality Challenge

    Thu 11 Feb 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5 | Age 14+

    Universality ChallengeYara El-Sherbini’s practice straddles live art, video and installation, using recognizable formats within contemporary popular culture to playfully explore art and life.
    Inspired by the popular BBC programme, Universality Challenge is a game show played out in front of a ‘live’ audience that playfully examines knowledge and universal experiences. Join the host; artist Yara El-Sherbini and two local teams drawn from local participants and students, as they battle it out by answering entertaining questions on art and life, such as ‘Does the film Free Willy explore Free Will?’, and ‘Gill-Scott Heron said “The Revolution will not be televised”, spell Panasonic’ to determine who will be crowned ‘Winners of Universality Challenge 2010’. Universality Challenge will be filmed for a video installation at New Art Exchange, Nottingham in 2011.

    Universality Challenge was commissioned by Chelsea Theatre for SACRED 2008, and is touring with support from Arts Council England. Universality Challenge is managed by Artsadmin.

    Cupola Bobber

    Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me

    Thu 4 Mar 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5 | Age 16+

    Cupola Bobber
    An internal adventure of miniscule proportions. Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me asks why is it people are drawn to the Sea? Through British Edwardian sea-side resorts, surrounding work towns, disappeared locations and the 1930’s era of dust bowl Kansas, Cupola Bobber explore how the Sea functions as a dwarfing muse of existential contemplation, a place of leisure, and as a heartless destroyer.
    Working slowly out of their studio on the west side of Chicago Cupola Bobber, a collaboration between Stephen Fiehn and Tyler Myers, create work that mixes basic materials with homespun engineering, bumbling wit, and a desire to make delicate work that surprises viewers with its detail, humour, and care.
    This pair of Chicago-based 30-year-olds can lay claim to a special talent for alternative performance-making of disarmingly odd, cosmic charm. The Times.

    Conceived and developed during Cupola Bobber’s year-long International Fellowship at Nuffield Theatre 2007/8 & co-produced by Nuffield Theatre.


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    Dance Spring 2010


    Verve 10

    Thu 25 Feb 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5 | Age 13+

    VerveA night of energetic, thought provoking new contemporary dance works, specially created by leading international choreographers and performed by some of Europe’s most talented young dancers.
    Verve is the award winning postgraduate performance company of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. With dancers fresh from intensive technical training at some of Europe’s leading conservatoires, Verve is well known for passionate, engaging performances. The company presents invigorating work by leading international choreographers performed by dancers who will go on to work with some of the UK’s most highly regarded dance companies.
    Featuring work by Laïla Diallo, Luis Lara Malvacías, Michael Schumacher, Kathinka Walter and David Zambrano – the variety of choreographic styles and ideas will appeal to all, whilst the phenomenal strength and energy of the dancers will impress and inspire.

    “This excellent company danced four specially commissioned works that amply revealed the talents of the 11 graduates.” Dancing Times

    www.nscd.ac.uk/verve and www.youtube.com/northernschool.

    National Dance Network

    Dance 3: A triple bill of new work from the next generation of dancemakers

    Thu 11 Mar 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5 | Age 11+

    National DanceThree fresh, bite sized performances by the best up and coming professional choreographers and collaborators. Letting their imaginations run riot they create compelling, varied, performances mixing physical brilliance, music and film.
    Sticks and bones devised ,choreographed and performed by Darren Ellis.
    A solo for Darren and his drumsticks. Just as a drummer must lock and focus his coordination, measuring out a rhythm to entice people to dance, a simple rhythm can inspire armies to move. When the sticks take control that’s when the trouble starts.
    Between the shingle and the dune by Laïla Diallo, in collaboration with Theo Clinkard.
    Laïla Diallo came to prominence as a dancer with Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance, and now attracts attention with her own choreographic work. Here, in collaboration with Theo Clinkard, she creates physical narratives of togetherness, evoking shifting landscapes of distance and nearness. Quietly dazzling Evening Standard.
    Appel by Mickael Marso Riviere.
    French choreographer Mickael Marso Riviere is well known as a hip hop artist, and formed Company Decalage in 2004. Appel is based on the interaction between two dancers and a musician, and Inspired in equal parts by B-boying, capoeira and contemporary dance.



    Mapdance 2010

    Thu 29 Apr 7.30pm AND Mon 29 June 7pm
    Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5 | Age 11+

    mapdanceNow in its fourth year, mapdance has established itself as an exciting postgraduate company of young, dynamic dancers recruited nationally and internationally, performing a diverse repertoire by renowned and upcoming contemporary choreographers.
    mapdance offer a mixture of dance theatre, punchy choreography, and intriguing humour in a programme of short dance works by Shobana Jeyasingh (Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company), Matthias Sperling (Random), Gregory Maqoma (Vuyani Dance Theatre) Colin Poole (Rambert, The Mission) and Keira Martin (Kompany Malakhi).
    Inches from its audience, the troupe radiated energy. A sharp and pithy showcase…rare to find and thrilling to watch Total Theatre



    EDge 2010

    Tues 29 Jun 7pm Full £8 | Conc £4 | Age 11+

    mapdanceEDge, the postgraduate performance company of London Contemporary Dance School, celebrates its tenth birthday in 2010 with ten exceptional dancers, three international artists and three up-and-coming choreographers.

    From solos to full company works, EDge’s dancers transform rhythmic patterns, tender moments and quirky gestures into an inspiring evening of dance. The company’s programme embraces live music, humour, flying tennis balls and the hidden secrets of a front garden. With innovative costumes and surprising choreography, these dancers will take your view of dance and turn it on its head.

    The work, specially created for EDge, includes full length pieces by international artists Wally Cardona (USA), Frauke Requardt (UK/Germany) and Rick Nodine (UK/USA), alongside shorter works by up and coming choreographers Darren Ellis (Richard Alston Dance Company), Lucy Suggate (a 2006 Place Prize finalist) and Nicholas Quinn (a collaborator with MIKS, Etta Ermini and Superlative Arts).


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    ShowRoom Commissions 2010

    Andrew Dawson and Fuel

    My Street: Unlock Havelock

    More details to be announced soon. Age 14+

    A memento from a street.

    Andrew Dawson
    A unique collaboration between performance artist Andrew Dawson and students from Theatre performance and Dance courses at Chichester University.

    Andrew was born in Havelock Road, Bognor Regis 47 years ago, and has not been back for 25 years. Now he returns to the street of his birth, to rekindle memories of his childhood, and to create a collective response to what it is to live on that street. In collaboration with the residents of Havelock Road, Andrew and the students from Chichester University will collate the feelings, memories and thoughts of the people that live there. The culmination of the project will be a gift for every resident, given at a special get together – a celebration of life on Havelock Road.

    Commissioned by the Showroom & University of Chichester.

    My Street will culminate in a summer street event and book launch in June 2010. If you have links with Havelock Road or would like to get involved we’d like to hear from you!

    Email info@fueltheatre.com.

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    Undergraduate Performances Spring 2010

    At the University of Chichester our students are constantly challenged to develop and extend their practice and experience in creating performance which is innovative and dynamic, and an empowering starting point for a career in the creative arts. Students are taught different styles and techniques as well as having the opportunity to engage and work with professional artists through performance. By performing at the ShowRoom and in local venues and schools, our students develop their creative process to make pieces which are pushing boundaries and respond to the contemporary creative culture of Britain today. This season we are pleased to celebrate the work of undergraduate company 3Fall with their new piece of work.

    3Fall Dance Company

    Mon 9 Feb 7.30pm Full £6 | Conc £3

    3Fall Dance3Fall Dance Company presents an electric programme of contemporary dance created by renowned choreographers, including guest choreographer Thomas Kampe (London Metropolitan University) and emerging choreographers from The University of Chichester. The programme will deliver cutting edge works that are both dynamic and evocative. 3Fall Dance Company is the University of Chichester’s Dance Company, run and performed by 3rd year BA (hons) Dance students. www.3fall-dance.com.

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    Formation Series Events Spring 2010

    Participation, Sharing, Development

    1927 present

    A few skewed scenes from their new show

    Thu 21 Jan 7.30pm Informal sharing | Free admission! | Age 14+

    1927This city;
    She was built upon a brown water bog.
    They drained her dry and set about building.
    Meccano men gone mad.

    Only “The Bayou” could not be built upon.
    A quaking bog, where the birches bend and tremble with every footfall.
    Where cloudberries spring up through scabs of sun faded crisp packets and carrier bags.
    Where bog hopper beetles crawl across the bare bones of umbrellas.
    They say
    There is a beast in the bayou.

    1927 introduce you to their new nightmarish world and its inky inhabitants, performed in 1927’s unique style merging animation, live actors and music. This is a work in progress, featuring but a few scenes from the show that will be complete in late 2010.


    Kristin Fredricksson

    Everything Must Go or The Voluntary Attempt to Overcome Unnecessary Obstacles

    Thu 18 Mar 7.30pm Informal sharing | Free admission! | Age 14+

    Kristin FredrickssonAn athletic-puppetic duet between father and daughter. Cinefilm, clowning, puppetry and hurdling are used to explore a father’s life – from dosshouse childhood to dancing on graves. In this meditation on love, loss, memory and play, we see Dad training for the Olympics by day and dragging up by night. With age his money-saving schemes become increasingly elaborate, from the secrets of free water to newspaper-stealing shoes. But eventually EVERYTHING MUST GO.

    Disarmingly skewwhiff…hugely affectionate The Times ****
    Funny, inventive and touching Time Out *****
    ‘Total Theatre Award (Devised performance) 2009, The Arches Brick Award 2009’

    Bill Aitchison

    Almost Three

    Thu 22 Apr 7.30pm Informal sharing | Free admission! | Age 15+

    Bill AitchisonAlmost Three is a show about a first memory: a day trip to London in the 1975. It is a show rich in images and movement, in the sights and sounds of a place and time. As we go further into this scene it becomes clear that the mind may be playing games with us, that these things may never have existed like this. Almost Three stages, in Aitchison’s typically precise, idiosyncratic style, this game of picturing a scene that threatens to disappear in
    front of our eyes. With one eye looking back to the 70’s and the other looking resolutely forward, Almost Three is contemporary movement theatre for the 21st Century.

    humorous intelligent, sensuous theatre Frankfurter Allgemeine

    Created and performed by Bill Aitchison with Boris Kahnert (light) and James Dunn (sound). With support from Camden Peoples Theatre and The Showroom.