Archived Events/ Spring 2012

Pattern Fight

Pattern Fight, Conference of the Strange

Conference of the Strange

THU 26th April
Full £4, Conc £3

In this psychedelic fusion of live art, Hand drawn animation and stand-up comedy. Sarah Ruff poses the question to the Audience: What is a Human? This strange conference is an attempt to explicitly deconstruct, Explore and celebrate the weirdness of human behaviour, reproduction and existence within the technologically driven modern world.

The aesthetic of the work is integral to the performance with powerful visual imagery and complex interaction between body and projected animation. There is a consistent interplay between real body and the technological presence, to the point that the female body almost becomes or fails to become a robot. The piece embodies the aesthetic of somewhere between a conference and a dream.

“Original and truly hilarious” Threeweeks magazine 2011 *****
Photo credit: Ed Currie