Archived Events/ Spring 2012

Double Bill: Louie Jenkins – Time Piece & Carrie Whitaker – Wait

Time Piece by Louie Jenkins and Wait by Carrie Whitaker


Time Piece – Louie Jenkins

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Through a series of snapshots exploring embodied memory, moments twisted by time, this autobiographical performance jumps between a Yorkshire childhood, a chance meeting between Virginia Woolf and a cobbler, and a crumbling lighthouse. Thanatos (Death) and Eros (Love) share the same stage, but then, you know that, don’t you.
Louie lectures at the University of Chichester and is studying for a Practice As Research PhD at Brunel University. Her research Articulating the scripted body, autobiography, performance, death has produced three performances Time Piece is the third in the series.

Photo credit: Thomas McKay-Smith

Wait – Carrie Whitaker

Arriving and then waiting, How long? Do something, fill time with thought that may escape into physicality. Ready and waiting, and waiting.

Wait is the beginnings of Lila Dance’s creative research exploring Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot. This scratch performance is a collection of images, aural and physical ideas that will be explored in depth in a six week creative process in May and June 2012. This process is supported by Arts Council England, The Point, The University of Chichester and Pavilion Dance.