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    Dancing for Tony 2014

    Dancing forTony 2014

    A Contemporary Dance Gala

    Sunday 18 May 2014, 3.30pm

    Cakes, Raffle and a Collection for St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

    Tickets: £15 (Concessions £5).

    Programme Includes:

    • Tanc: Volta
    • Bournonville: Flower Festival at Genzano pas de deux
    • Slaughter: inspired by ‘Life of Pi
    • Aggiss: Cut with a kitchen knife
    • Chinese Folk Dance: film
    • Susan Legg, mezzo-soprano: Songs for the Spirit

    St Wilfred's Hospice, Chichester

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    MapDance 2014


    Thu 8 May 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    An exciting company of young, dynamic dancers recruited nationally and internationally mapdance performs diverse repertoire by renowned and upcoming contemporary choreographers. This year the company is performing new commissions from Gary Clarke, Kerry Nicholls, Liz Aggiss, Hagit Bar as well as re-staging a work by artistic director Yael Flexer. This mixed bill offers a unique/refreshing combination of dance theatre, fast-paced athleticism and wry humour.

    “A disarming potency, and an unapologetic, almost desperate yet liberating desire to hit
    us between the eyes, in the heart, the gut or lower down and, when possible, all at once”
    Donald Hutera – londondance.com on XX by Nigel Charnock, mapdance 2013.


  • Archived Events/ Spring 2014

    Sam Halmarack

    Sam Halmarack & The Miserablites

    Sam Halmarack & The Miserablites

    Thu 1 May 6.00pm & 8.30pm | Full £10 | Conc £6 | Limited spaces | Standing performance | Age 16+

    Located somewhere between a theatre show and a stadium pop concert, Sam Halmarack & The Miserablites are the bombastic pioneers of interactive pop. Get ready for handclapping anthems and electro music to move and inspire. With songs, stories and a little help from you we will all come together to offer a unique take on what it means to be redeemed by music.

    “Halmarack’s vulnerable little gem of a show drips with courage, comedy and open-handed honesty. A hero in the making”
    Venue Magazine.


  • Archived Events/ Spring 2014


    Number 1 the Plaza

    Number 1, The Plaza

    Thu 24 Apr 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 18+

    Red front door. Gold number 1. Tiny peephole. Take a look around.

    GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN want to open up and let you in. Right in. So you can really get a feeling for what it’s like on the inside. It’s an ‘evening with’ – conversation, songs, shit like that. Someone’s left a passive aggressive note on the kitchen table; it’s about entitlement, property and privacy. Welcome to the show home, everyone. Number 1, The Plaza is a souvenir album from a joyride through extravaganza, cabaret, reality, live art, theatre and filth.

    Co-produced by: PACT Zollverein (Essen), Colchester Arts Centre and Cambridge Junction . Supported by: Arts Council England, wpZimmer (Antwerp), Almeida Theatre (London), The Performance Centre (Falmouth), The Point (Eastleigh), Cambridge Junction, Tom Thumb Theatre (Margate), New Wolsey (Ipswich), Roehampton University (London).
    GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN is a 2013/14 Artsadmin Associate Artist.

    This new show from GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN follows the huge success of Big Hits:
    “Super-smart…and a willingness to push its terms to an extra level…I couldn’t take
    my eyes off it” Matt Trueman, Culture Wars.


  • Archived Events/ Spring 2014

    Still House

    Still House

    Ours was the Fen country

    Thu 13 Mar 8pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    For the past two years Dan Canham has been capturing conversations with people of the fens in East Anglia. Eel-catchers, horse breeders and young farmers have all been interviewed. In this ethereal piece of documentary dance-theatre Dan and his team fuse movement and sound with the words and memories of their native collaborators to get to the heart of the fens – a beautiful, bleak and mysterious expanse of flat land.

    Ours Was the Fen Country is a celebration of and eulogy to universal stories of rural communities that are fading from view; an exhilarating, poetic look at the inevitability of change from the voices of those who still know the old words.

    Ours Was the Fen Country is a Bristol Old Vic Ferment, New Wolsey and DanceXchange commission. Produced by MAYK.

    “One of the most original talents around” Independent.


  • Archived Events/ Spring 2014

    Search Party

    My Son Heir

    My son & Heir

    Thu 6 Mar 7.30pm | Full £4 | Conc £3 | Age 16+

    My Son & Heir is an anarchic celebration of the everyday heroism of parenthood, set amongst a never-ending mess of plastic, flashing-beeping, bubble-blowing chaos.

    Search Party are parents, they have a son born in the same year as ‘Baby Cambridge’, and that’s where the similarities end. My Son & Heir confronts the spectacle of the ‘New Royals’ and their strategic attempts to appear just like us. In a playful examination of the relentlessness of raising children, and the guilt-ridden one-upmanship of mainstream baby culture, Search Party consider what sort of man their son and heir will become.

    This new studio performance is part of Search Party’s Growing Old With You series, a life-long performance project exploring their changing perspective of age, as they grow old together.

    My Son & Heir was commissioned by The Showroom Projects, Bristol (UK), made with support from the University of Chichester, (UK). Search Party are associate artists of The Point, Eastleigh (UK).


  • Archived Events/ Spring 2014

    Retina Dance

    Retina Dance


    Thu 27 Feb 7.30pm | Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    Corporalis explores the relationship between personal space, architectural space and three-dimensional space; the exchange between the inside and the outside; the awareness of our body and its relationship to the environment.

    Retina has worked with Belgian architectural collective Ruimtevaarders to create an environment for one, two and four dancers. This unique space of colour, texture and sound builds a world that contains Retina’s trademark physicality, while evolving throughout this ‘performance meets installation’ experience.

    Corporalis is the third episode in a trilogy about the relationship between the body and different art forms which began with Eleven Stories for the Body, Distance to our Soul collaborating with text in 2005 and This is not a Body collaborating with visual art in 2007.


  • Archived Events/ Spring 2014



    3fall 2014

    Wed 12 Feb 7.30pm | Full £8 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    This performance contains an eclectic selection of works from three renowned choreographers, as well as choreographic work from final year dance students at the University of Chichester. Filip Van Huffel from Retina Dance Company has explored the idea that everyone has a unique code in his piece Argot with music ranging from Zoe Keating to J.S. Bach. Energetic and high speed, the tender duets and wild group ensembles challenge the dancers’ physicality.

    The rework of Volta by Ceyda Tanc, who takes inspiration from her Turkish background, is sharp and dynamic with precision and technique. Premiered at The Place as part of Resolutions! earlier this year, the action packed piece is based on a walking exercise carried out by inmates in Turkish prisons, turning away becomes a gesture of disrespect. Finally, Aya Kobayash, dancer with Flexer and Sandiland, investigates and captures the reality, the touches, the sound and the thoughts of each moment in her piece Between.


  • Archived Events/ Spring 2014

    Ira Brand

    Ira Brand, A cure for aging

    A Cure for Aging

    Thu 13 Feb 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    “I’m sorry to do this so early in the show. It’s really quite rude of me. But do you mind if I ask you how old you are?”

    A Cure for Ageing is a piece about being young and foolish, and becoming old and wise, or about being young and wise, and becoming old and foolish. It asks how we can talk more honestly about ageing, drawing together true personal accounts and shameless speculation in a celebration of life and an attempt to fall in love with our own decline. A show of indelicate questions and immortal jellyfish, it is about numbers, years, the passing of time, and the fact that we have all, already, started dying.

    “It’s powerful, uncomfortable, and beautiful … Her methods are unashamedly unscientific yet the work carries an authority born out of absolute honesty”
    Fringe Review – Highly
    Recommended Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.