• Archived Events/ Spring 2016

    Jamie Wood

    Jamie Wood

    O NO!!

    THU 3 MAR | Full £10 Conc £6 | 7.30pm  | AGE 16 Plus

    A psychedelic ride, and a wonky homage to the woman damned for destroying the Beatles, O No! borrows Yoko Ono’s art instructions to ask whether falling in love is always catastrophic.

    A sell-out success and one of the most talked about shows of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

    Funny and surprising in equal measure this show from a multi-award winning theatre maker, is about reckless optimism, avant-garde art and what we might yet have to learn from the hippies.

    Supported by Arts Council England, Ovalhouse, CPT, National Theatre Studio and Physical Fest Liverpool

    “Fractious, hilarious and punctuated by undeniable beauty, Jamie Wood’s tribute to Yoko Ono is a thing of mischief and magic”

    ★★★★★ The Stage


    Image Credit – Jamie Wood
  • Archived Events/ Spring 2016

    Chris Dobrowolski

    Chris Dobrowolski


    THU 10 MAR | Full £10 Conc £6 | 7.30pm  | AGE 16 plus

    Antarctica is the most inhospitable climate in the world. It’s the driest, windiest place on Earth, synonymous with failed expedition attempts, with no artists for miles around. A place that Chris Dobrowolski decided was perfect for him.

    For three and a half months Chris lived and worked alongside the medical professionals, researchers and crew members at the British Antarctic Survey, trying to experiment creatively whilst (crucially) trying to survive. He discovered that sometimes it’s very difficult to justify your position as an Artist whilst everyone around you is a Hero.

    Antarctica is an adventure story-presentation about professional failure and navigating real life via tales of overzealous seals, Ladybird books and a sledge built out of gold picture frames.

    “He takes us from the personal to the political, across a great swathe of 20th Century history, all without leaving the driving seat of the Triumph Herald”

    ★★★★ The Scotsman (All Roads Lead To Rome)


    Image Credit – Alister Doyle

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2016

    Made In China

    Tonight I’m Going To Be The New Me

    Tonight I’m Going To Be The New Me

    THU 14 APR | Full £10 Conc £6 | 7.30pm | AGE 16 plus

    A woman takes to the stage. A man watches from the wings. They both wonder if their love will survive what’s about to happen.

    Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me is an arresting physical endurance act that crashes headfirst into an impossibly true love story – and out the other side. It exposes how we perform our relationships amidst a reality that just won’t live up to what the movies promised.

    Disarmingly honest and comically imagined, Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me pierces the bloody heart of our obsession with outlasting hardship. Intimate and startlingly immediate, it defies you to watch, in spite of yourself.

    Slippery and teasing, murderously entertaining
    ★★★★ The Guardian

    Tantalisingly edgy…a stinging piece of entertainment”
    ★★★★ The Times


    Image credit – Richard Davenport

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2016

    Sleeping Trees

    Sleeping Trees, Western?


    THU 21 APR | Full £10 Conc £6 | 7.30pm | AGE 13 Plus

    The Sleeping Trees continue their cinematic pilgrimage and are back with another sordid tale, this time from the sandy depths of the wild west.

    The show follows unlikely hero Harry Sudds, as a simple trip to the town bank quickly descends into the worst day of his life. Soon enough Harry has to deal with native red indians, talking wasps and one of the most majestic tumbleweeds ever seen in Louisiana.

    With another rip roaring live score, the Sleeping Trees bring their fast, physical and farcical comic style to one of the most well loved film genres of all time.

    Directed by Tom Parry (Pappy’s).

    “With a script that steers left field of convention and indulges every whim, Sleeping Trees have created a lawless comedic style of their own”

    ★★★★★ Broadway Baby


    Image Credit – Sleeping Trees

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2016

    Mapdance 2016

    mapdance 2016

    10th Anniversary

    THU 28 APR | Full £10 Conc £6 | 7.30pm | AGE 13 Plus

    mapdance celebrates its 10th anniversary with an enticingly varied set of exciting commissions of new works and reconstructions by renowned and upcoming international contemporary choreographers.  The gratifyingly varied roster of artists includes Kevin Finan (Motionhouse), the wacky maverick Liz Aggiss, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer (ilDance- Sweden).

    The company will also restage Richard Alston’s vibrant, evergreen Roughcut (1990) as well as Abi (Lila Dance) Mortimer’s elegant, Leonardo-inspired  Schemes, Dreams and Machines from mapdance’s 2015 tour. The University of Chichester’s MA touring company is an established group of dynamic young dancers recruited nationally and internationally. Their richly diverse repertoire offers audiences a refreshing mixture of gritty dance-theatre, wry humour, and intricate and questioning choreography.

    Happy birthday, mapdance!