Archived Events/ Spring 2010

ShowRoom Commissions 2010

Andrew Dawson and Fuel

My Street: Unlock Havelock

More details to be announced soon. Age 14+

A memento from a street.

Andrew Dawson
A unique collaboration between performance artist Andrew Dawson and students from Theatre performance and Dance courses at Chichester University.

Andrew was born in Havelock Road, Bognor Regis 47 years ago, and has not been back for 25 years. Now he returns to the street of his birth, to rekindle memories of his childhood, and to create a collective response to what it is to live on that street. In collaboration with the residents of Havelock Road, Andrew and the students from Chichester University will collate the feelings, memories and thoughts of the people that live there. The culmination of the project will be a gift for every resident, given at a special get together – a celebration of life on Havelock Road.

Commissioned by the Showroom & University of Chichester.

My Street will culminate in a summer street event and book launch in June 2010. If you have links with Havelock Road or would like to get involved we’d like to hear from you!