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Seth Kriebel

Seth Kriebel and Death of King Arthur

The Death of King Arthur

THU 29th Sept. | Full £12 | Conc. £8 | AGE 14+

The Death of King Arthur is a new version of a very old story, an interactive twist on the enduringly popular tales of Arthur and his knights.

Choose which parts of the story you want to hear: The bit about the sword in the stone? Lancelot & Guinevere? How Arthur dies?

Or the other version of how Arthur dies? …or the other other version?

Sit back and enjoy or actively take part in the decisions that guide the story. Each show is unique, depending on the audience’s choices… bringing a lost Britain back to life and asking what the old tales can tell us in these complicated times.

Examining British identity, our relationship with Europe and ‘fake news’, The Death of King Arthur explodes the legend we all think we know and asks:
What story do you want to believe?

Delivers both laughter and poetry. ★★★★

The Stage, on Seth Kriebel’s Beowulf
Photo: Emma Bailey & Illustration: Sarah Ferrari.