Archived Events/ Autumn 2022

Holly Spillar

Holly Spillar and Hole


THU 6th Oct. | Full £8 | Conc. £5 | 16+

HOLE is the name of the character Holly Spillar created to help her tell her vaginismus story.

HOLE is larger than life, surreal, afraid and desperately trying to navigate a world where penetrative sex seems weirdly important.

Follow her down this comedy rabbit hole of dyspraxic mishaps, men who love Joe Rogan and NHS gifted dildos, all accompanied by the sweet sweet music of a little red loop pedal.

Holly’s show is darkly comic, informative and unexpectedly emotional.

She started creating HOLE when she was finally diagnosed with vaginismus after over a year of being told by doctors she was being over dramatic. This is the show Holly would have wanted to watch back then, it teaches people with vaginas that holes have nothing to do with being whole and while that might sound obvious, it’s a whole lot more complicated than that.
Photo: Holly Spillar