Archived Events/ Autumn 2010

Search Party: Growing Old with You

Search Party

Search Party: Growing Old with You

Thu 9 Sept
Informal sharing
Free admission
Suitable 14+

Growing Old With You is a life long performance project which attempts to document lived experience in real time. Starting in 2010 and for every 5 (or so) years for the rest of their lives Search Party will create a performance exploring ideas of age, duality and accumulation. Over the course of a lifetime we hope to create a series of works in which we, the work and the audience all grow old together. Search Party are interested in the emotive act of exposing the intimate aspects of their own aging process and its irrevocable link with the audiences’. Growing Old With You is a stark, intimate and playful performance which invites you to confront the inevitability of your own aging process, asking questions about the limitations of this temporal existence.

Search Party are members of Residence, an artist led organisation that creates making-space for artists to create performance, live art and theatre in Bristol.

Development funded by Arts Council England and supported by BAC, South Hill Park and the ShowRoom, University of Chichester.

IMAGE : Ed Porteous