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1927: The Animals and Children took to the Streets


1927: The Animals and Children took to the Streets

Thu 7 Oct
Informal sharing
Free admission
Suitable 14+

Created by 1927

Co-commissioned by BAC, Malthouse Theatre & The ShowRoom, University of Chichester

Trust no one!
Suspect even your own shadow!

Welcome to the Bayou, a part of the city feared and loathed…

Walk along Red Herring street, until you reach the infamous Bayou Mansions, a sprawling stinking tenement block, where curtain twitchers and peeping toms live side by side, and the wolf… is always at the door.

When Agnes Eaves and her daughter arrive at the Bayou Mansions late one night, does it signal hope in this hopeless place?
Or has the real horror only just begun?!

1927 invite you through a fractal looking glass to a dystopian metropolis of inner city paranoia. Seamlessly synchronizing live music, performance and storytelling with stunning films and animation The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is the wickedly twisted new tale from the multiple award winning company behind the international hit Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

“A frighteningly gifted new theatre company” The Times

Supported by Corn Exchange Newbury. Early development supported by The Arches, Glasgow and Manipulate Festival. Funded by Arts Council England.

IMAGE : 1927