• Spring 2024/ Theatre/ What's On

    China Plate and Staatstheater Mainz

    Chris Thorpe, A Family Affair, The ShowRoom, Chichester 2024

    A Family Business 

    Thu 15th Feb | Full £12 | Conc £8 | Age 14+

    A show about how not to blow up the planet

    Written and performed by Chris Thorpe
    Directed by Claire O’Reilly
    Developed with Rachel Chavkin and Lekan Lawal

    We don’t really talk about nuclear weapons much.
    Even though they accompany us everywhere.
    Invisible guests in cafés, on the shelves of supermarkets, in line at the cash machine.
    Guests that could destroy all of that and more in a second.

    A Family Business is about diplomats, activists, and a journey to change the world. If these weapons could wipe out all our tomorrows, then why aren’t we all talking about them today?

    “… the words are eloquent, essential and powerful, and the performance full of a brilliant, prowling precision…” (Status)

    Scotsman Fringe First Award Winner 2018

    In partnership with Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg. Supported by Warwick Arts Centre and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

    “A Family Business is brilliant. A show which encourages us to be part of the urgent conversation and action for the sake of present and future generations. A show full of hope and humanity”

    Véronique Christory, Senior Arms Adviser for the International Committee of the Red Cross at the United Nations
    Image credit: Rebecca Lupton & Ivan Pieri Gonzalez, picture in frame by Ahmed ElHassan

    Find out more…

    Hear from the artist: A Family Business by Chris Thorpe

    The first in a series of three videos – hear from writer and performer Chris Thorpe as he explains what his show A Family Business is about and why we should be talking about nuclear weapons.
    The second in a series of three videos – hear from writer and performer Chris Thorpe as he discusses what audiences can expect from coming to see A Family Business and the conversation in the room.
    The final in a series of three videos – hear from writer and performer Chris Thorpe as he discusses how A Family Business explores the exciting work of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  • Spring 2024/ Theatre/ What's On

    The Paper Birds   

    The Paper Birds -Feel Me, 2024 at The ShowRoom, Chichester.

    Feel Me

    Thu 22nd  Feb | Full £12 | Conc £8 | Age 12+

    Who do you care about and why?

    Feel Me is a new interactive theatre show from The Paper Birds, UK leaders in devised verbatim theatre. Feel Me asks, via your mobile phone, who and what you care about from the stories unfolding live on stage in front of you.

    A stunning mixture of live performance, film, projection, dance and music, Feel Me will explore the different lenses through which we are told, and connect to stories in the modern digital world. 

    Worlds unfold from backpacks, and tents are constructed and dismantled again, each scene and location temporary, like a transient teenager in search of safety, acceptance and a new place to call home. An interrogation of empathy, Feel Me asks what makes us ‘feel’ for another person, as we journey through landscapes and across borders, through weather storms and paperwork, changing seasons, endless queues and interviews.

    Please note: All performances have integrated captions

    Feel Me is made by The Paper Birds in Partnership with Theatre Centre. A Co-Production with New Wolsey Theatre. Supported by Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja and The Point, Eastleigh. Funded by British Council International Collaboration & Arts Council England.

    Image credit: The Paper Birds
  • Spring 2024/ Theatre/ What's On

    Chris Dobrowolski 

    Chris Dobrowolski, Toy Stories 2024 at The ShowRoom, Chichester.

    Toy Stories   

    Thu 29th Feb | Full £12 | Conc £8 | Age 16+

    Meet Chris

    Chris is a 54-year-old artist financially trapped in the house where he grew up. The garden shed has become his studio, where he tries to create works of art that will allow him to come to terms with the absurdities of modern living – or else to escape his daily life entirely. 

    Chris now turns to the stage – where,  in this new show he shares stories of his latest projects, from his efforts to make friends with Essex taxi drivers to his quest to understand more about his Polish heritage (without speaking a word of Polish). Toy Stories sees Chris dig up some metaphorical ghosts of the past, as well as a real German tank dating from the Second World War, and reminds us how little has changed in populist politics between then and now. 

    Part stand-up comedy, part performance lecture, Toy Stories takes the audience on an irreverent adventure through art, contemporary politics and twentieth- century history. 

    Reviews of past performances, Antarctica and All Roads Lead to Rome:

    ***** live art in all its glory

    Three Weeks in Edinburgh

    ***** takes us from the personal to the political, across a great swathe of 20th Century history

    The Scotsman

    **** an hour of charismatic storytelling

    Broadway Baby
    Image credit: Ashley Day 
  • Spring 2024/ Theatre/ What's On


    3fall Dance, 2024 at The ShowRoom, Chichester.

    2024 Spring Tour

    Thu 11th Apr | Full £8 | Conc £5

    3Fall Dance Company welcomes you to their 2024 Spring Tour

    Following the success of running a non-profit dance company for over ten years, 3Fall are excited to present an evening of contemporary dance works from renowned choreographers Abi Mortimer (Lila Dance), Kieran Page and Ashley Jordan (Ascension Dance).

    This is a dynamic and diverse programme drawing on the choreographer’s styles. Contemporary pieces ranging from exploring life within a virtual reality, reimagining Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’, and deepending human connections to one another. Alongside a showcase created by emerging choreographers within the 3Fall Dance Company.

    Image credit: Bryony Jackson
  • Dance/ Spring 2024/ What's On


    mapdance, 2024 at The ShowRoom, Chichester.

    mapdance 2024

    Thu 25th Apr | Full £12 | Conc £8

    mapdance 2024 offers an enticingly varied set of exciting new works

    New works by renowned and upcoming international contemporary choreographers, plus the revival of STATE by Sarah Golding from 2021. The gratifying roster of new artists this year includes Renaud Wiser, Carrie Whitaker & Yukiko Masui.

    mapdance, the University of Chichester’s MA touring company is an established group of dynamic young dancers recruited nationally and internationally. Their diverse repertoire offers audiences a refreshing mixture of gritty dance-theatre, athletic and fast-paced choreography. 

    “A fun, exuberant, celebration of life.” 

    David Mead
    image credit: Chris Nash