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    Bloody Nora, Eleanor & Flora Music + Digging

    THU 25 FEB | Full £10 Conc £6 | 7.30pm | AGE 15 plus

    Nora is the coming together of dancers Eleanor Sikorski and Flora Wellesley Wesley. Their desire to dance together, their love of choreographic structures and their critical eye has given them the impetus to invite several distinguished dance makers to create work especially for them. In this, their first collaborative endeavour, they perform an evening of new works by the indomitable Liz Aggiss, acclaimed duo Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion, and renowned French choreographer Simon Tanguy.

    Liz Aggiss has conceived BLOODY NORA!, a story of competitiveness and hormonal imbalance where shit tricks become cheap laughs and a Bach is worse than its bite.

    Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion’s piece, entitled Eleanor And Flora Music, is a brand new translation of composer Morton Feldman’s For John Cage, the source of their iconic Both Sitting Duet (2002). This new piece reimagines the earlier work as a standing performance, building silent music from a gestural landscape of touch.

    Simon Tanguy has worked with Nora to develop Digging, a complex score of movement and text, creating a unique and intricate portrait of the two women and the political world they live in.


    Image credit – Camilla Greenwell

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2016

    3fall Dance

    3fall Dance

    2016 Performance

    THU 11 FEB | Full £8 Conc £5 | 7.30pm | AGE 12 plus

    3Fall Dance Company is made up of third year BA Hons Dance students at the University of Chichester.

    This year 3Fall have been working with three outstanding choreographers to create brand new exciting repertoire for the 2016 spring tour. Cai Tomos has produced a comical work, A Dance for you, with the dancers based around instructions given to them by family members about dancing; how we perceive it, describe it, and most importantly, do it. Carrie Whitaker (Lîla Dance) has created The Weight of Waiting, an exciting and emotionally driven work based around the idea of waiting; suspended between hope and hopelessness, these strangers find the strength to pull together, support and carry each other through the heaviness of the situation. Filip Van Huffel’s Below the Radar is an unsettling piece of sheer dynamic and unstoppable energy, based around groundedness, trust, humanity and speed. This exciting tour will also include projects created by third year student choreographers at the University.


    Image credit – Andrew Wolsfold