• Archived Events/ Autumn 2013

    Liz Aggiss

    Liz Aggiss, Survival Tactics

    Survival Tactics

    Thu 24 Oct 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 15+

    From a glamorous, blonde bombshell in high-heels to a pigeon toed, bow legged, oddball in big pants – Survival Tactics upturns the usual perception of the female stage body on its head. Inspired by Ausdruckstanz, with a fascination for grotesque dance, and a penchant for British music hall, Liz Aggiss pays comedic homage to her historical mentors, and herself, through a seamless fusion of movement, text and film.

    “Liz Aggiss wowed us with her Survival Tactics, a bravura volley of agile mischief with ideas and limbs flying in brilliantly ridiculous directions”
    Mary Brennan Glasgow Herald.


  • Archived Events/ Autumn 2013


    Scottee, The Worst of Scottee

    The Worst of Scottee

    Thu 17 Oct 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 15+

    Scottee encounters past flames, ex-friends and people who no longer like him in attempt to find out where he went wrong. Scottee wants to find out what people really think of him. Why he pretended to have AIDS, what prompted him to steal money from his Nan, why did he pretend his friend committed suicide and what caused all this behavior in the first place? Performed in a photo booth you are exposed to four snap shots of his troublesome teens. This show will give you reasons not to like him – it is Scottee at his very worst.

    Scottee won Time Out Performer of the Year in 2010 and is currently an associate artist at Roundhouse and Duckie. He is a regular contributor on Radio 4’s Loose Ends and the creator of the ‘beauty pageant for fat people’ Hamburger Queen, variety show Camp and presenter of iTunes Top 10 podcast After The Tone. The Worst of Scottee is his debut solo tour.

    Directed by Chris Goode.

    Supported by Arts Council England. Developed with Roundhouse.

    “Director Chris Goode is a theatre-maker who’s up there with the very best”
    The Guardian.


  • Archived Events/ Autumn 2013

    Flexer & Sandiland

    Flexer & Sandiland, Weightless


    Thu 10 Oct 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 15+

    Weightless is the brand new work from Flexer & Sandiland. Celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary Weightless, in a tongue in cheek way, references its own historical position. It questions the ‘weight’ of history, both personal and aesthetic: what is it that roots us down physically and emotionally? What might it feel like to let go or take flight?

    Engaging and thoughtful, this show carries Yael Flexer’s recognisable stamp of witty text and wry humour combined with fast paced, space-hungry movement and a driving musical score by composers Dougie Evans and Karni Postel. A collaboration with Nic Sandiland, Weightless includes live digital projection and a sonic environment of disembodied voices and after images with text by Wendy Houstoun.

    “Dance that is unforced, unaffected, charming and smart”
    Time out.