Archived Events/ Spring 2017

Seth Kriebel

Seth Kriebel, photo by Alex Brenner

A House Repeated

THU 27 APR 2017 | 7.30pm | AGE 15 plus

Full £10 / Conc £6 

Come in. Sit down. Explore. Imagination and memory collide to reveal that the everyday world is not as solid as it might seem…

A House Repeated is an interactive performance-game combining the simplicity of bare-bones storytelling with the limitless possibilities of contemporary open-world computer games Two performers stand on a bare stage and describe another, imaginary place.

By giving instructions like “Go North” or “Pick up the lamp”, the audience works together to navigate the described space, overcoming obstacles and exploring this other world without leaving their seats. Occasionally breaking into lyrical passages describing places from myth and memory, the performers eventually invite the audience to build a new world for all to explore together.

“Turns the concept of immersive theatre on its head… Stunning in both its simplicity and its power.  ★★★★★”


“A gently fascinating interactive world… it’s funny, too.”

Time Out

Image credit – Alex Brenner