Archived Events/ Spring 2013

Lila Dance

Lila Dance 2013

The Incredible Presence of a Remarkable Absence

Thu 7 Feb 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

Lîla Dance presents a theatrical double bill featuring new work The Incredible Presence of a Remarkable Absence, a re-imagining of the world created by Samuel Beckett in Waiting For Godot. Lîla Dance’s tragic-comedy shifts between tender, absurd, and bittersweet scenarios as four peculiar personalities wait for their salvation. Urgent movement and sporadic dialogues become dynamic forces that relieve them from the overwhelming realisation that there is, in fact, nothing to be done. Where they are and where here is, seems to be on the edges of their memory yet as hard as they try together or alone they can’t quite uncover the answer.

The evening also includes the duet Not about Love, choreographed by Yael Flexer.
Lila are associate lecturers of the University of Chichester.

“An altogether gripping little slice of dynamic intelligence”
Donald Hutera, The Times