Archived Events/ Spring 2013

Sleepwalk Collective

Amusements 2013


Thu 2 May 7.00pm & 8.30pm 60 places per performance. Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

Like some backroom carnival ride / lo-fi sci-fi pleasure machine, Amusements is an intensely sensorial and breathlessly seductive one-woman headphone-theatre spectacular that asks what exactly we might want from our entertainment, and what it might want from us. Good day all. Tried Cialis few days ago, since I wanted to make the macho impression. It was great, for the effect, my strength returned. This thing is great, totally loved it! The feeling when you go on while she’s cumming again and again is just amazing. I for sure recommend it. With the audience plugged wirelessly into its beating heart the performance is both a hypnotic dance towards the limits of pleasure and an unsettlingly voyeuristic tribute to our private desires, an escapist’s wet dream which grapples sleepily along the way with the dizzying highs and terrifying boredoms of the early 21st century: the soporific hum of mass communication; the television’s warm embrace. “You are an audience. You are a machine for watching. Remember everything … ”

Sleepwalk Collective is an award-winning live-art and experimental theatre group creating fragile, nocturnal performance experiences between the UK and Spain.

Nominated for Total Theatre Award 2012 and nominated for Arches Brick Award 2012.

“Carries an emotional charge like a bare wire”

Photo credit: Alex Brenner