Archived Events/ Spring 2012

Fleur Darkin Dance Company

Fleur Darkin Dance Co, DisGo


THU 19th April
Full £10, Conc £6

…”It’s as if we’ve been transported to some nocturnal ritual in ancient Sparta… curiously alluring, intriguing and weirdly enjoyable…” Luke Jennings, The Times.

DisGo’s territory is minds, organs, nervous systems. Join the international company of incredible dancers on an intimate journey into the night…

Touring now for its fourth season, the show is back due to audience demand. Fleur Darkin Company invite you to come and play. Surrender to the sound and dance sensation of DISGO.

DISGO is intimate, not intimidating. DISGO creates new and closer proximities between performer and audience. DISGO is a different experience for everyone. The centre of DISGO is within the individual experiencing it “One of the more overtly theatrical of the new wave British choreographers” (The Times), Fleur Darkin merges her company of powerful dancers with the audience to create a riot of choreography. Experience a unique intimacy with the performers as they dance this raw and powerful new work.

Set in a stunning immersive light design by Sam Collins and with a soundscore including Plastikman, Fourtet and Mortitz Von Oswald… why don’t you put your hands up for Berlin… Detroit… Chichester?

Photo Credit: The Company