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Seminars, Presentations, Demonstrations – Winter/Spring 2010

Contemporary arts research seminars 2009

Andrea Davidson and Jem Kelly

Andrea Davidson and Jem Kelly: Inter_views, an interactive telematic research project for Internet

Dance and New Media

Wed 27 Jan 12pm Venue: Bishop Otter Campus: Room E124 (TBC) | Free admission!

Current debates on telepresence and telematic forms of communication often revolve around notions of immediacy and virtual representation. Following Bergson’s idea of two memories, ‘recollection memory’ oriented towards the past, and ‘contraction memory’ oriented towards the future, Inter_views proposes a mobile, 2-way site dance
performance that tests Bergson’s notion of memory and its link to the perception of time and space. Connecting two remotely located spaces via a real-time Skype audio link and a delayed QuickTime Broadcast video link, the project was first presented at the H2PTM Festival, Université Paris 8, as well as University of Chichester on Sept 30th 2009.

Marisa Zanotti: Being Norwegian: a disorder of the senses

Dance and New Media

Wed 10 Feb 12pm Venue: Bishop Otter Campus: Room E124 (TBC) | Free admission!

Marisa Zanotti will be screening her new short Being Norwegian: (I begin on Wagner) created in response to Elena Del Rio’s writing on Claire Denis Beau Travail (1999) in her paper ‘Performing The Narrative of Seduction’ (2003). The screening will be followed by a discussion of her research process and outcomes.

Life Music

Rod Paton: LIFEMUSIC – music as a community resource

Community Music

Wed 24 Feb 12pm Venue: Bishop Otter Campus: Room E124 (TBC) | Free admission!

The Lifemusic project develops the use of music as a community resource, with financial support from HEFCE. The method is based on music improvisation; the emphasis is on the health and well-being of participants. Rod Paton outlines the method – describing some of the outcomes with a variety of groups including neurological rehabilitation, mental health groups, older people working alongside the young, and people from the migrant workers community; and demonstrates how Lifemusic can be put into practice in the community, with reference to his book due to be published in April 2010.

Sarah Rubidge and Neil Bryant: Developing Interactive Documentation for Digital Installations

Digital Media and Dance

Wed 10 Mar 12pm Venue: Bishop Otter Campus: Room E124 (TBC) | Free admission!

This seminar will discuss the results of preliminary research into the development of interactive documentation of large-scale digital installations. Neil Bryant and Sarah Rubidge have been developing prototype documentation of two of Sarah’s installations
(Fugitive Moments and global drifts) using open source games engine technology.
These prototypes allow the viewer to navigate through screen-based 3D representations of the digital installations (which incorporate the installation’s original digital imagery) and thus experience the artistic ambience of the installations. The seminar will discuss both the technical and theoretical issues encountered during the project.

Steve McDade

Steve McDade: Tectonic/house

Video and sound installation/performance

Wed 24 Mar 12pm Venue: Bishop Otter Campus: Room E124 (TBC) | Free admission!

Volcano imagery/sonic soundscape. Improvised music against video projection of volcano and paintings derived from house interiors. The work continues the research theme of ‘Displacement’ and draws on geological plate movement as a metaphor for the
experience of individuals caught up in the seismic shifts of contemporary history.

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