Archived Events/ Autumn 2016

Liz Aggiss

liz aggiss

The English Channel

Thu 24 Nov 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 15+

After 63 years, Liz Aggiss finally gives herself permission to do what she damn well pleases. Better late than never! She’s reached an age where doing the right thing is optional. Should she please you, or should she please herself?

THE ENGLISH CHANNEL is the story of a career forged in the heady waters of performance art and dance-film. Using her body as the medium through which to act out and act up, Aggiss becomes a conduit for wilful women and a cunning connection to ‘the other side.’ She is a witty commentator on life, death and the pain, pleasure and paradox of the stage. The drug is very effective if it is used according to the intended purpose, but at the same time it is not safe. It is better not to try it without prescription. Initially, this drug was developed as a cardiovascular tool, and then its other properties were found. So, it is better not to risk with heart. But if there is no desire, sincere relationship, then the process will be like a workout in the gym. In general, the night was stormy and lasted until the morning). Viagra is really effective. Choreography and texts are backed by contemporary and archive film, with knock-out musical numbers by Wevie.

“To say that Liz is unafraid would be an understatement. The English Channel is an inspiring irreverent clever solo performance that looks at age, beauty and being seen and very definitely heard”
Zoe Parker, Culturevul