Archived Events/ Autumn 2016

Flexer and Sandiland

flexer and sandiland

Disappearing Acts

Thu 20 Oct 6.00pm & 7.45pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+ (limited seating)

Disappearing Acts is the latest immersive performance by digital dance team Flexer and Sandiland.

Looking at the idea of illusion and its disintegration from a choreographic point of view, the work weaves together movements that we see and movements that we think we see. Working at low light levels, the Company explores the uncertainties of perception; movement that disappears into the shadows or which slips through unseen gaps in the curtains leaving lingering traces on the retina.

Drawing together personal stories and political threads around darkness, five dancers interpret specially written texts by Wendy Houston to a sound score by Karni Postel and Nic Sandiland and direction from Pete Phillips (Search Party).

Choreography is by Yael Flexer and the company, with bespoke lighting by Natalie Rowland and Nic Sandiland.