• Archived Events/ Spring 2013

    Brian Lobel

    Brian Lobel - Purge


    Thu 28 Feb 7.30pm Full £4 | Conc £3 | Age 16+

    Part game show, part lecture, part love story, Purge explores where online friendship stops and real friendship begins.

    Last year, Brian Lobel played a brutal game of friendship maintenance in which he gave strangers one minute to decide which of his 1342 Facebook friends to keep or delete. The deleting was real, the pace was maniacal, the results were final.

    50 hours of performance, 800 emails from angry, amused and intrigued friends and over 2500 comments from people watching via live stream later, Purge (the stage show) examines the process of and fallout from Purge and explores how we emotionally and socially interact with digital media.

    Development of Purge supported by Arts Council England.

    Brian Lobel is a senior lecturer at the University of Chichester.

    “Lobel creates endearingly brave work”
    The Economist.


    Photo credit: Pekka Makinen
  • Archived Events/ Spring 2013

    3Fall Dance

    3 Fall 2013

    3Fall Dance 2013

    Thu 14 Feb 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    3Fall Dance Company is proud to present an evening of new works that show the dancers diversity, physicality and presence. 3Fall Dance is made up of a collection of 3rd year dance students.

    Is-Is by Cai Tomas

    The choreography is based on purposefully slowing down everyday activity, in the hope of finding a way of seeing, feeling and reattributing meaning to what we take for granted, often and the simplest things. If we slow down we might remember to see again.

    The After Party by Lila Dance

    The party is over but we’re not ready to leave, or maybe we are but just don’t know how to. We wait, reliving moments of our past and trying to form and invest in meaningful relationship with each other to past the time. We should just go, but no one seems to know where. Can we leave now? Maybe there is a way out or a time to leave, but we hold tight, hold on to each other perhaps this is all there is.

    In the need for love by Victoria Fox

    The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. It results from the profound interdependence we all share with one another. However capable and skilful an individual may be, left alone he or she will not survive. We must depend on the support of others.


    Photo credit: Chris Tang
  • Archived Events/ Spring 2013

    Lila Dance

    Lila Dance 2013

    The Incredible Presence of a Remarkable Absence

    Thu 7 Feb 7.30pm Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    Lîla Dance presents a theatrical double bill featuring new work The Incredible Presence of a Remarkable Absence, a re-imagining of the world created by Samuel Beckett in Waiting For Godot. Lîla Dance’s tragic-comedy shifts between tender, absurd, and bittersweet scenarios as four peculiar personalities wait for their salvation. Urgent movement and sporadic dialogues become dynamic forces that relieve them from the overwhelming realisation that there is, in fact, nothing to be done. Where they are and where here is, seems to be on the edges of their memory yet as hard as they try together or alone they can’t quite uncover the answer.

    The evening also includes the duet Not about Love, choreographed by Yael Flexer.
    Lila are associate lecturers of the University of Chichester.

    “An altogether gripping little slice of dynamic intelligence”
    Donald Hutera, The Times