• Archived Events/ Spring 2020

    3Fall Dance2020

    3 fall 2019/20

    THU 13 FEB 2020 | Full £12 Conc £8 | 7.30pm | AGE 14 +

    3Fall Dance Company is proud to present four professional works celebrating contemporary female choreographers. Kay Crook’s Phoenix is an emotive and infectious work based on her company piece ‘Khaos’.  Marisa Zanotti makes reference to Roland Barthes brief visit to a Bognor Regis nightclub in the work A Lover’s Discourse in Bognor  which reconstructs a dreamy night in a fantasy ballet.

    Carrie Whitaker’s Tracker is a fast moving work where the dancers shift through a spectrum of dynamic intensities as they tune into the ever-changing energy, tension and drive of each encounter.  with momentum, energy and texture.

    Finally, we celebrate a recent 3Fall dancer who has now established her own company Morvell Dance. Her work 7 Minutes of Mind Mischief  is fast, frenetic and fun.  The show offers a variety of dance theatre works that celebrate the talent of these young dancers and includes new works from emerging choreographers from the University of Chichester third year dancers.

    Image credit – Andrew Wolsfold

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2016

    3fall Dance

    3fall Dance

    2016 Performance

    THU 11 FEB | Full £8 Conc £5 | 7.30pm | AGE 12 plus

    3Fall Dance Company is made up of third year BA Hons Dance students at the University of Chichester.

    This year 3Fall have been working with three outstanding choreographers to create brand new exciting repertoire for the 2016 spring tour. Cai Tomos has produced a comical work, A Dance for you, with the dancers based around instructions given to them by family members about dancing; how we perceive it, describe it, and most importantly, do it. Carrie Whitaker (Lîla Dance) has created The Weight of Waiting, an exciting and emotionally driven work based around the idea of waiting; suspended between hope and hopelessness, these strangers find the strength to pull together, support and carry each other through the heaviness of the situation. Filip Van Huffel’s Below the Radar is an unsettling piece of sheer dynamic and unstoppable energy, based around groundedness, trust, humanity and speed. This exciting tour will also include projects created by third year student choreographers at the University.


    Image credit – Andrew Wolsfold

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2015

    3fall Dance

    3fall dance


    Thu 12 Feb | 7.30pm | Full £8 | Conc £5 | Age 14+

    3Fall are working with three highly-acclaimed choreographers. Stuart Waters, a Northern School of Contemporary Dance graduate, returns to working with 3Fall with an extremely energetic work that will push the dancers to their physical boundaries. Detta Howe, founder of Ginger Dance Company, has taken an improvisational approach to her piece. Water into Water explores her key interests; presence and awareness in performance. Howe states that “this work allows the dancers the freedom to experience themselves in motion”.

    The premise of the work is informed by ideas surrounding water and the self.” Howe’s quirky piece will be performed to the music of Doris Day, promising a thrilling and unpredictable performance.

    Our third choreographer, Ceyda Tanc is working with 3Fall for a second year, re-creating her piece Volta. This piece explores her keen interest in Turkish folk dance.