• Archived Events/ Autumn 2019

    Ceyda Tanc Dance

    Ceyda Tanc Dance


    Thu 3 Oct 7.30pm | Full £12 | Conc £8 | Age 14+

    KAYA explores human experiences of displacement, drawing on the strength and resilience of those searching for belonging in a new community.

    Ceyda Tanc is a Brighton-based choreographer creating dynamic dance influenced by her Turkish heritage and highlighting the intersection of modern Britain’s diverse cultures. With a unique movement vocabulary fusing traditional Turkish folk dance with contemporary styles, Ceyda’s work challenges gender stereotypes by utilising the virtuoso movements of male Turkish dancers for her all-female company, conveying striking shapes and an emotive and sensual energy.


  • Archived Events/ Autumn 2019

    Paula Varjack

    Cult of Kenzo by Paula Varjack

    The Cult of K*NZO

    Thu 10 Oct 7.30pm | Full £12 | Conc £8 | Age 16+

    How do high end fashion brands seduce? Why do people crave their products? 

    The Cult of K*NZO lifts the lid on the mysterious power of luxury brands, exploring entitlement and exclusion, desire and territory, in a world where you are who you wear. 

    “A dynamic expression of ideas, created from both personal experience and over a year of research. Opening both eyes and hearts”

    Three weeks

    “Punchy and engaging”

    The List


  • Archived Events/ Autumn 2019

    James Wilton Dance

    The Storm by James Wilton Dance

    The Storm

    Thu 17 Oct 7.30pm | Full £12 | Conc £8 | Age 14+

    James Wilton Dance, one of Europe’s most in demand dance companies, present The Storm, a whirlwind of lightning fast, athleticism, where acrobatics, break-dancing, martial arts and contact work fuse to form dance that will blow audiences away.

    Seven dancers, a soundtrack of thundering electro-rock specially composed by Amarok and thousands of pieces of paper combine to create a work that will astound you with its athleticism and touch you emotionally in a way that words simply can’t.

    In this storm can you find peace? Can you find the calm eye of the storm? Will it all blow over?

    “The athletic style of James Wilton’s choreography is absolutely stunning and mesmerises the audience”

    Victoria Chen, The Outlier, Scotland 


  • Archived Events/ Autumn 2019

    Louise Orwin

    Louise Orwing Oh Yes Oh No 2019


    Thu 28 Nov 7.30pm | Full £12 | Conc £8 | Age 12+

    This is a show about having sexual fantasies that don’t align with your politics. It’s about trying to understanding what you want, and wondering how the hell to ask for it. Award-winning performance artist Louise Orwin asks the difficult questions as she takes you on a surreal joyride through femme sexuality and violence.

    Made exclusively with the candid input of those willing to talk openly and honestly about their sex life, this one-woman show interrogates identity, consent and power play. Featuring explicit XXX, Barbie’n’Ken role-play, a heady mix of pop culture references, and sound design by Alicia Jane Turner (THIS IS HOW WE DIE composer), the show explores sexuality and who gets to have a say in it. This show is for anyone who has ever struggled to find their sexual voice, or questioned the sexual culture they were brought up in.

    Oh Yes Oh No dares to speak about a subject which is rarely addressed publicly, especially in the wake of #MeToo. Steady yourself to rethink desire, and then watch her smash it all to pieces.

    Supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Arts Council England, Camden People’s Theatre, Live Art Development Agency and Live Art Bistro.

    “Bold, brave work, and all the better for being filled with the voices of real women who, by speaking out, are staking a claim for their own erotic agency”

    The Guardian


  • Archived Events/ Spring 2019

    Luca Rutherford


    Political Party

    Thu 25 Apr 7.30pm | Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 12+

    Do you ever get confused or overwhelmed by politics?

    Do you ever feel like the only way to make a difference is to change everything?

    Do you ever think that if you can’t change everything immediately there’s no point trying?

    Luca reached a point where thinking about politics made her want to lie down on the pavement and not get up. Instead of doing this she is throwing a party. A political party. There will be drinks, dancing and eggs! No experts. No big words.

    This is a show about getting messy with the messiness of politics.

    An ARC Stockton Production co-commissioned by the Albany, Camden People’s Theatre, Northern Stage and Unity Theatre

    Luca Rutherford’s Political Party, Written & Performed by Luca Rutherford, Directed by Alex Swift

    Designed by Bethany Wells, Original Music + Sound Design by Jamie Cook, Script Advise from Chris Goode & Dougald Hine, Movement by Lizzie J Klotz & Alys North, Lighting Design by Michael Morgan


    Image credit: Luca Rutherford
  • Archived Events/ Spring 2019

    Our Burials


    The Theatre Department at the University of Chichester presents two new plays, commissioned for its BA (Hons) Acting programme.

    By Adam Barnard

    Directed by Tara Robinson

    8th May 2019 | 1pm | £8/£5

    Our Burials is set in a nightmarish future where, following environmental catastrophe, Britain has returned to pre-industrial rural life – and where further disaster is kept at bay through human sacrifice to appease an angry Earth.

    Mary Grove Phoebe White
    Hana Cottingley Tabitha Catlin
    Sara Grove Hollie Lemoual
    Uncle D (David) Ted Vaudrey
    Tansie Tangle Rachael Hickton
    Col Tangle Murray Burgess
    Tom Fulmer Connor Powles
    Grant Culver Michael Bonilla Garcia
    Cooper Pollock Adrian Walker
    Mrs B Matilda Ingram
    Mr Archer Scott Bell
    Wolf Theo Moore

    Our Burials and Ephebiphobia

    • Set/Costume Designer Mayou Trikerioti
    • Set/Costume Assistants Georgia Cusworth and Hiba AlHussein
    • Lighting and Sound Kayleigh Hunt, Mike Spice and Vince Field
    • Creative Producer/Production Manager/Marketing Evi Stamatiou
    • Production Assistants Kayleigh Hunt, Jo Loader and Matthew Nicoll
    • Stage Managers Lucy Jenkinson and Lucy Vincent
    • Assistant Directors Laura Price and Zane Alecio

    Follow us at @ActingUoC @ChiUniTheatre @chiuni.