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    Action Hero

    The Talent by Action Hero, Deborah Pearson © Ana Viotti 2022

    The Talent

    Thursday 9th March, 7.30pm

    Full £12 | Conc £8 | Age 16+ | Theatre

    A woman in a sound booth is talking. She is talking to herself. She is talking to you. She is talking to everyone. She is gifted, professional, mercurial; it seems as if she can summon almost any kind of voice and create any kind of world. 

    She is selling you something
    She is telling you a story 
    She sounds like a cereal ad 
    She sounds like a cartoon 
    She sounds like a meditation tape 
    She sounds like a shapeshifter 
    She sounds like the ocean 

    You would listen to her say anything. Her voice is all around. Her voice is all there is. Her voice is all that’s left. She conjures her own ghost in real time. 
    The Talent is a new show by Action Hero and Deborah Pearson about the legacy of the human voice in a non-human future. 

    “Some of the most thrilling work currently being produced in the uk”

    The Guardian
    Image credit: Ana Viotti