• Archived Events/ Spring 2015

    Hagit Yakira dance

    Hagit Dance

    …in the middle with you

    Thu 5 Mar | 7.30pm | Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    …in the middle with you is a poignant piece of contemporary dance delving into the very nature of human experience. At times heart-warmingly light and playful, at times stark and deeply entrancing, the choreography moves us in very personal ways. Live music and a cast of five dancers lure us in with personal stories of love, friendship, loss and life, energy and physicality to travel to a more muted and abstract experience that becomes highly intimate. Uplifting and inspiring …in the middle with you makes an emotional poem of the everyday life.

    Hagit Yakira dance is produced by Spin Arts Management and supported by Arts Council England, Laban Theatre, Independent Dance and Greenwich Dance.

    “Her choreography is lined throughout with a warmth and intimacy that radiates into the audience drawing us into these engaging dancers’ eclectic episodes of activity”
    Graham Watts in London Dance.

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2015

    Two Destination Language

    Near Gone

    Near Gone

    Thu 26 Feb | 7.30pm | Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    Near Gone is a heartfelt story about survival.

    Two performers have a difficult story to tell. They come on stage and launch themselves into an hourlong attempt to put into words the utterly unspeakable. Delivered in English and Bulgarian, with pounding gypsy-inspired music, this beautiful performance fills an empty space with two performers, hundreds of fresh flowers and a storm of emotion. A performance piece that packs a punch -transforming your very sense of what it is to be a mother, a father, a child. And you’ll leave more fully alive than ever. Performance company Two Destination Language have worked for the first time with acclaimed choreographer Charlotte Vincent (Vincent Dance Theatre) as their dramaturg on this work.

    Devised and Performed by Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie, dramaturgy by Charlotte Vincent and additional Direction by Charlotte Vincent.

    Near Gone is the winner of a Total Theatre Award (2014) and the Pulse Suitcase Prize (2013). Near Gone is a Colchester Arts Centre commission, supported by Arts Council England and The Point, Eastleigh. Two Destination Language is the collaborative performance practice of Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie.

    “Beautiful and somehow devastating”
    Exeunt Magazine.

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2015

    3fall Dance

    3fall dance


    Thu 12 Feb | 7.30pm | Full £8 | Conc £5 | Age 14+

    3Fall are working with three highly-acclaimed choreographers. Stuart Waters, a Northern School of Contemporary Dance graduate, returns to working with 3Fall with an extremely energetic work that will push the dancers to their physical boundaries. Detta Howe, founder of Ginger Dance Company, has taken an improvisational approach to her piece. Water into Water explores her key interests; presence and awareness in performance. Howe states that “this work allows the dancers the freedom to experience themselves in motion”.

    The premise of the work is informed by ideas surrounding water and the self.” Howe’s quirky piece will be performed to the music of Doris Day, promising a thrilling and unpredictable performance.

    Our third choreographer, Ceyda Tanc is working with 3Fall for a second year, re-creating her piece Volta. This piece explores her keen interest in Turkish folk dance.

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2015

    Two Destination Language

    Alex Brenner


    (Formations – Work in Progress)

    Thursday 22 Jan | 7.30pm | Full £3 | Age 16+

    A man at work, a man playing, a man playing at being a man

    Manpower is the new show from Total Theatre award winners Two Destination Language, a celebration of everyday maleness.

    Alister and Kat have been thinking about men and power: Bruce, Clint, sheds and tea, heavy responsibility and mouth-watering barbecues. Prepare to laugh, wince and find yourself thinking of men you’ve known, loved, hated and wanted to be as Two Destination Language uncover what it means to be a man.

    Manpower is an ICIA University of Bath commission with Salisbury Arts Centre. The development of Manpower was supported by Arts Council England; the Kevin Spacey Foundation; New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich; The Point, Eastleigh; Battersea Arts Centre and Bristol Old Vic Ferment.