Info for Visiting Companies

Technical Specifications for Visiting Companies

The ShowRoom Chichester Stage in UseThe ShowRoom has 212 seats and BOC will give the company up to 6 complimentary tickets.

The information and facilities displayed below are provided for the benefit of invited companies. For commercial hire please contact

In liaison with our Technical Manager, Vince Field , (07739 983728 / 07846 334941 ) the following will be supplied by UCC:

  • the services of a resident Technical Manager to rig lights and sound prior to your performance, and support on the day and evening of the performance.
  • additional crew for on-stage (if required)
  • Front of house staff
  • Storage for a specified amount of equipment, after the get out (if required) .


  • Stage lanterns – All with hook clamp, safety bond, colour frame. All 16 Amp
    8 x Selecon 1200w Professional PC spot and barndoors
    6 x Selecon 1000w Fresnel and barndoors
    12 x Selecon Pacific 12/28 high output profile spot
    8 x Source Four junior zoom profile .22 to 50 degree
    5 x Selecon 500w quad asymmetric flood
    16 x Selecon 650w Fresnel and barndoors
    12 x Selecon 650w PC and barndoors
    10 x Par 64 CE spec with CP 61
    12 x Par 64 CE spec with CP62
    4 x Selecon 500w cyc floods
    1 x Jem K1 Hazer
    1 x Le Maitre Micro Fog machine
    1 x Neutron XS Haze machine
    1 x DMX controlled High Output Stobe
    1 x UV gun
    1 x mini snow machine
  • Dimmers
    Zero 88 Chilli Pro 24.
    72 x 10 amp dimmers with 30 mA RCD
  • Lighting control desk
    ETC Ion with monitors
  • Back up
    Zero 88 Bullfrog with monitor.
  • Integral part of truss;
    2 x lighting bars over seating (foh bars)
    4 x lighting bars over stage area
  • Accessories
    4 x Powerdrive stand with 5 hole tee bar
    6 x Powerdrive Turtle Stands


Allen & Heath GL2800 mixer
Bose PANARAY 502B GR Subwoofer 450w
6x Bose 402 speakers (3 stereo pairs)
3xBose 1600 series 1V amplifiers
Bose Panaray 502B GR subwoofer 450w
Phonic amp/berringher sub bass crossover
A comprehensive range of audio and video tie lines from the floor, truss, foyer and control room can be used to feed signals to any destination. These terminate in XLR and BNC at the facility panels in the auditorium and BBC type B gauge jacks and BNC on the patch bay in the control room.
2x tannoy dc200 monitor speakers upstage overhead fill


Trantec racked and ready 8 way 5.3 series comprising:
4 hand held dynamic wireless 5.3 trantec
4 lapel/beltback wireless 5.3 trantec
8 sennheiser evolution microphones and stands

A/V playback:

We currently support dvd, cd, cassette tape, mini disc, mini dv, vhs tape
1 dynacord media player supporting avi, mp4, mkv, mov, wmv, h264, flv.
Usb/memory card interface supporting up to 2Tb hdd
with hdmi, composite and svga connection
Panasoninc EZ570 projector (5000 lumens)
Extron VideoScaler: 4x HDMI , 1x VGA, 1x Composite inputs)
Mac pro 5.1: 1Tb,3.2Ghz, 8Gb ram, intel Xeon.
Qlab 2 for audio and video,
audacity, itunes, mpeg streamclip
quick time professional
lexicon and alesis rackmount dynamic effects, available at the mixing desk aux bus.
induction loop hearing assistance
a wide range of interconnecting cables, adaptors and miscellaneous items for connecting all manner of av equipment.
2 internet connections are available on stage via ethernet cable ONLY. Unless specific prior notice is given one week in advance. Wireless accounts are usually only available to visitors staying more than one day.


(Surrounded by black curtains on track / white cyc (10m x 4m))
Stage area: 14m wide x 9.6m deep (black Harlequin floor)
Seating area: 14m wide x 6.2m deep (retractable)
Total floor area with seats retracted: 14m x 14.5m
Pre-wired truss; height 4.8m (lowers to 4m upstage)



  • At present one lockable dressing room is available. A visiting company will be offered the use of this room with its key.


  • You will have access to showers and a dressing room on the day of the performance
  • Access to the ShowRoom for all performances is from 9.30 am on the day of the performance
  • The ShowRoom must be vacated immediately after the show
  • There is a lounge (green room) for you to relax in during the day and until 8-30pm
  • There are facilities on the campus for you to eat during the day and in the evening. (Evening meals are served from 5-15pm-6-45pm)
  • Internet access


Chichester’s venue for Dance and Contemporary Performance | T: 01243 816000, F: 01243 816080 | Bishop Otter Campus, College Lane, Chichester, West Sussex. PO19 6PE

Showroom Director; Ben Francombe | Showroom Administrator; Julie Thurston | Technical Theatre Manager; Vince Field

All members of the UCC community (staff and students) have a responsibility for upholding the Race Equality Policy and for behaving in ways that are consistent with fair and equal treatment for all, in compliance with the General and Specific Duties of the RRAA. Further, all staff have a duty to consider the impact of every action, practice and procedure to ensure that it does not have a detrimental effect on achieving racial equality. This includes staff working for contract companies and those involved in collaborative activities with UCC in whatever form.