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    She Goat

    The Undefinable by She Goat

    The Undefinable  

    THU 12 MAR 2020 | Full £12 | Conc £8 | 7.30pm | AGE 16 +

    Live radio gig-theatre about unconventional relationships and the underrepresented qualities of love.

     Two dudes. Well, kind of dudes. A garage studio. A late night broadcast.  Time slips between noughties love-pop, 70s folk fever and 18th century French philosophy. The dudes slip between instruments. Everything gets tangled.  Our kind of love is tangled and slippery. Love in the in-between. Love that doesn’t have language yet.  This is the Undefinable.  

     Clear the decks for historical wigs, irreverent nudity, reckless dancing, and a whole lot of coffee – as we embark on a queer-platonic mix-tape into the unknown future and forgotten past of doing love differently. 

      ‘surreally funny…delightful playfulness’ 

    ★★★★ THE STAGE on DoppelDänger 

     ‘completely engrossing – both Pastor and Turner are incredibly multi-talented’ 

    EXEUNT on DoppelDänger

    Image Credit James Allen