• Archived Events/ Spring 2016

    Chris Dobrowolski

    Chris Dobrowolski


    THU 10 MAR | Full £10 Conc £6 | 7.30pm  | AGE 16 plus

    Antarctica is the most inhospitable climate in the world. It’s the driest, windiest place on Earth, synonymous with failed expedition attempts, with no artists for miles around. A place that Chris Dobrowolski decided was perfect for him.

    For three and a half months Chris lived and worked alongside the medical professionals, researchers and crew members at the British Antarctic Survey, trying to experiment creatively whilst (crucially) trying to survive. He discovered that sometimes it’s very difficult to justify your position as an Artist whilst everyone around you is a Hero.

    Antarctica is an adventure story-presentation about professional failure and navigating real life via tales of overzealous seals, Ladybird books and a sledge built out of gold picture frames.

    “He takes us from the personal to the political, across a great swathe of 20th Century history, all without leaving the driving seat of the Triumph Herald”

    ★★★★ The Scotsman (All Roads Lead To Rome)


    Image Credit – Alister Doyle

  • Archived Events/ Spring 2015

    Chris Dobrowolski

    Chris Dobrowolski

    All Roads Lead To Rome

    Thu 12 Mar | 7.30pm | Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    “This is, what I like to call, pointing at pictures with a stick”
    Chris Dobrowolski.

    When Chris Dobrowolski was conceived his father bought a Triumph Herald Estate, a quintessentially-British car that itself was conceived in Turin, Italy. 45 years later, Chris lovingly repaired the car and drove it from his childhood home in Braintree, Essex, to Turin via Rome, Monte Casino and Bologna where his Polish father fought in WWII.

    Part story about his father’s time as a Polish soldier and part muse on our growing materialistic culture, All Roads Lead to Rome is a touching solo show of power-points and kinetic sculptures that brings together communism, consumerism and classic car mechanics.

    The All Roads Lead To Rome tour is presented by House.

    “Dobrowolski’s eccentric and theatrical manner transforms ‘pointing at pictures with a stick’ into an engaging and thoroughly interesting observation”