Archived Events/ Autumn 2010

Stan’s Cafe

Tuning Out With Radio Z

Tuning Out With Radio Z

Date: 18 Nov
Time: 7.30pm
Ticket Prices: Full £10 | Conc £6 | Schools & Colleges £5
Suitable 15+

Late in the studios of Radio Z, two presenters are attempting to navigate the perils of the night, intent on bringing their listeners safely to dawn. The fictional presenters are relying on their listeners for help; the real actors are relying on you, their audience, to guide them through the show.

This performance is powerful, hypnotic and addictive, as audiences are immersed in a visually beautiful, fictional world, watching actors negotiating the challenges of improvisation.

Bring a phone or a laptop; send texts, ideas, images and make requests. Devise the show live with the Stan’s Cafe and experience the kick of finding your material seamlessly woven into the emerging drama and helping to shape events.

Tuning Out With Radio Z is a unique and extraordinary theatrical experience that is improvised each night both for you and by you. It will never be repeated and needs your presence and input. Come for the start and stay as long as you wish or right through to the end, whenever and whatever that may be!

IMAGE: Graeme Braidwood