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3fall 2014

Wed 12 Feb 7.30pm | Full £8 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

This performance contains an eclectic selection of works from three renowned choreographers, as well as choreographic work from final year dance students at the University of Chichester. Filip Van Huffel from Retina Dance Company has explored the idea that everyone has a unique code in his piece Argot with music ranging from Zoe Keating to J.S. Bach. Energetic and high speed, the tender duets and wild group ensembles challenge the dancers’ physicality.

The rework of Volta by Ceyda Tanc, who takes inspiration from her Turkish background, is sharp and dynamic with precision and technique. Premiered at The Place as part of Resolutions! earlier this year, the action packed piece is based on a walking exercise carried out by inmates in Turkish prisons, turning away becomes a gesture of disrespect. Finally, Aya Kobayash, dancer with Flexer and Sandiland, investigates and captures the reality, the touches, the sound and the thoughts of each moment in her piece Between.