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    Annie Siddons

    Annie Siddons by CLAIRE NOLAN

    How (not) to Live in Suburbia

    Thu 22 Feb | 7.30pm | Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+

    “Who the F**k are you?”
    “I’m the Walrus of Loneliness. Let me in.”

    Annie Siddons by CLAIRE NOLAN

    A few years ago in the middle of a shitstorm of life events, single mother, artist and proud Londoner Annie Siddons found herself living in suburbia by accident. This show is a hilarious, brutal and poignant attempt to describe what happened next. With films by Richard DeDomenici.
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  • Spring 2018/ Theatre/ What's On

    The Sleeping Trees

    The Sleeping Trees by Rosie Powell


    Thu 1 Mar | 7.30pm | Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 15+

    SCI-FIThe show follows the intergalactic journey of the unlikeliest of heroes, happy-go-lucky farmer Charlie Sprog. At a time where the ancient planet of Plutopia rules the galaxy, Charlie is dragged from his quiet home planet and given one very simple mission: SAVE THE UNIVERSE FROM TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Accompanied by an inter-cosmic live score like no other, the Sleeping Trees invite you to join them on a journey into the deep and infinite unknown. So strap on your helmets, jump into your space suits, complete the necessary six years of training required by NASA to fly into space* AND THEN, grab yourself a ticket to the show.
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  • Spring 2018/ Theatre/ What's On

    Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas

    Alex Brenner photo of Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand Lesca


    Thu 3 May | 7.30pm | Full £10 | Conc £6 | Age 16+


    PALMYRA is an exploration of revenge, the politics of destruction and what we consider to be barbaric, inviting people to step back from the news and look at what lies beneath, and beyond, civilization. Following an extended, unanimously acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Bert & Nasi’s.

    “weird, wonderful and strangely stressful”

    PALMYRA (★★★★ The Stage) tours the UK
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